Sash Window Security

Security is a key consideration when choosing new windows for your home. And when selecting premium uPVC sash windows, security can often be an even bigger consideration.

Traditional old timber sashes are often seen as an easy target for burglars. With old, non-locking window furniture, inadequately screwed into timber that has often seen better days, a skilled burglar can jemmy their way into these types of windows in a matter of minutes. Even when after-market sash locks and pins are fitted, they don’t provide much of a deterrent. Of course, the same is true of older casement types as well, but for some reason the label has stuck with sashes.

Modern sash window security

Fortunately, the modern sash has this covered, and uPVC sash windows in particular are built very much with security in mind.

Starting with the frames themselves, they Double Glazing Sash Windows Kent are steel reinforced, making the structure of the window much stronger than old timber types. Reputable manufacturers then screw all the key fittings and furniture into the steel reinforcing. On top of this, some current sash systems – including Rehau and Eurocell – can include steel anti-jemmy bars, which are designed to prevent anything getting underneath the bottom edge of the bottom sash.

The modern window furniture fitted by reputable manufacturers is far superior to the standard clasps and fitches fitted to old wooden windows. They include key locking, high strength catches and keeps, and are screwed directly into the steel reinforcing in the sash frame, making them extremely secure.

On top of the extra security already built into the modern sash, some uPVC sashes are available with Secured by Design accreditation. This standard has been developed by the UK Police and – in the case of uPVC sash – is based upon the trusted BS7950 Enhanced Window Security British Standard. Secured by Design focuses on vulnerable windows – those on the ground floor and others easily accessible from fire escapes and flat roofs. Through the use of specially enhanced window locks, reinforced parts and laminated glass, the Secured by Design standard for uPVC sash windows has been said to reduce the risk of crime by up to 60%.

Again, reputable manufacturers will have Secured by Design accreditation. Indeed, even if you don’t require SBD windows yourself, using an accredited manufacturer is a good pointer towards getting quality windows from a trustworthy maker.