Barry Bonds – No Deal

Barry Bonds, alleged steroid cheat, is the pariah of MLB, now more than ever. Until now, not one MLB wants to come near the home run champ.

Barry Bonds never dreamed he would see this day. He is the home run “king” without a MLB team. The San Francisco Giants and Bonds have parted ways, leaving behind innuendo, speculation and a different kind of “roid-rage.” The kind of rage that makes MLB finally say D-bal max reviews enough, or does it?

The sad part is that MLB is not saying no to Barry Bonds because Barry Bonds allegedly took steroids. Barry Bonds does not have a MLB offer because, plain and simple, MLB teams think he is shot as a big-time player. On top, Bonds is still asking for big-time player cash for his faltering services.

If Barry Bonds could still play every day, hit 40 homers and knock in 120 runs, you had better believe that there would be suitors, steroids or not. That is reality, a dirty reality to be sure, but MLB is a bottom-line business. MLB has proven, if nothing else, they will look the other so long as players are jacking longballs, striking out hitters, and putting asses in seats.

So Barry Bonds waits, in the final inning of his career, hoping for one last shot in MLB. No favors will be granted for a variety of reasons from MLB for the surly Bonds. An era is closing, MLB hopes, and why go back to the future, especially one filled with despair and tarnish.