Developing a Lawn Care Marketing Plan

In today’s economic times running a successful, small business can be exceedingly difficult. Especially, if it requires your customers to have to spend a portion of their discretionary income in order to pay for your services. Everyone is cutting back on paying for products and services that are not essential for day to day living. If you run a small business, such as a lawn care maintenance service your business could be in danger. Developing a lawn care marketing plan can help you save your business from going under. A marketing plan can help you keep the clients your have while adding new customers. Your plan will help your business succeed in any economy.

Developing a lawn care marketing plan is not as difficult as it sounds. You have probably been doing some form or marketing already. All your marketing plan needs to do is place your marketing efforts in a strategic plan. The first step is to develop a plan that includes both external and internal marketing items. External projects are items that are targeted toward new prospective clients. Internal projects are targeted toward your current client base. Internal project’s mainĀ is to improve your relationship with your clients, and to encourage customer loyalty.

The second step in developing your lawn care marketing plan is to devise a detailed calendar of events. A good marketing plan will include monthly, bi-weekly and weekly marketing efforts. This should include all marketing efforts; such as, mailings, networking, Chamber of Commerce meetings, print ads and fliers. Before you add any event your marketing plan, you will need to thoroughly research the activity. You will want to weigh the benefits against the cost to verify that it will benefit your business.

Step three is the most important part of any and all marketing plans is to track your results. You will want to make sure you have a system in place that will enable you to track all incoming responses. You will want to set up your tracking system to track responses by project or activity. This way you will be able to make immediate changes to your lawn care marketing plan. If any of your marketing efforts, are not producing a positive return on investment you will want to eliminate them from your plan.