How to Increase Ejaculate Volume

Many men tie their manhood to the amount, or volume, of their ejaculate. This is a fallacy, yet most men would like to have a larger amount of semen ejaculated during sexual activity. This may be all in the mind, but it is no secret that larger ejaculate volume can be self gratifying.

For this reason, men may seek out ways to increase this volume. It should be noted that semen volume is directly tied to sperm cell count. The average sperm cell count is somewhere between 15 and 20 million per ejaculation.

Ejaculate volume is also tied to fertility and this is the biggest reason men are looking to increase ejaculate volume. In their haste to become fathers, men have begun searching for ways to become more virile and potent. There are several ways to achieve an increased ejaculate volume. Some are herbal while some are natural.

Watching the diet can be a factor that is greatly overlooked. Semen is primarily comprised of protein. So a diet that is low in fat and high in protein can help increase the amount of semen ejaculated during sexual activity.

Frequency of sex is another major factor affecting ejaculate volume. Any Semenax results before and aftersexual activity, whether through sex with a partner or via masturbation, has a direct effect on volume of semen. The more often a man climaxes, the less volume his ejaculate will have.
Masturbation should be limited as well as consenting sex with a partner. Usually a day or so between ejaculations will yield a higher volume on a regular basis.

Stress can lower the volume as well, so if you can decrease your levels of stress, your semen volume will rise in response. Listening to music or relaxation tapes helps as well as techniques like Yoga or meditation.

Unhealthy habits like smoking or excessive drinking are also volume decreasing factors. Quitting these habits as soon as possible will help you in this area.

One unknown way to increase ejaculate production is to keep the testicles cool. How do you keep them cool? Avoid very hot showers or baths. This contracts the semen producing organs and hinders their performance.

Blood circulation is a mainly overlooked factor concerning ejaculate volume. Organic massage oils increase blood circulation, thus semen production giving you a fuller, more satisfying sexual climax.