How to Kick a Field Goal in Football

#1 – Positions and Setup

The holder of the ball should be positioned 7 feet behind the player who snaps it to him. Position yourself a few steps back and to the side (toward your non-kicking foot) of the ball. Experiment to find the exact position that feel most comfortable.

#2 – The Snap

As the kicker, you control the snap. Indicate to the ball holder that you’re ready. He’ll tell the center to snap the football. Once the snap is caught by the holder, he UFABET สูตรเล่นสล็อต should position the football so that the laces are pointed away from you (the laces can impact your aim).

#3 – The Launch

As the ball holder positions the football, take one last glance at the goalposts. Your line of sight will help you aim your kick. Once you’ve fixed the ball’s destination in your mind, look back down. Launch from your position with the foot that is opposite your kicking foot.

#4 – Arrival

The moment before your kicking foot connects with the football, the ankle on your non-kicking foot should be positioned slightly in front of the ball (to the side). Don’t look up before you make contact The destination of the football is already locked in your mind. See your foot connecting solidly with the football and the ball driving up and towards the middle of the goal posts.

#5 – Contact

You should kick the football in the bottom third of the skin. If you’re kicking a field goal over a long distance, aim slightly higher (just below the center of the ball). As your foot makes contact, follow through. Be flexible. Many novice players don’t realize that their follow through is important for the ball to gain height.

Kicking A Proper Field Goal

It looks easy on television. But remember, you’re watching professional players who have refined and honed their kicking ability for power and precision. In truth, learning how to kick a field goal properly takes practice. Over time, you’ll find what feels most comfortable and what works most effectively.

If you really want to learn how to kick a great field goal then find some cheap football tickets [] and get there early to watch the kickers warm up. Study their form and watch how they always follow through. If you are really lucky they will come over and talk to fans and sign autographs. If they do, ask them their 1 best tip to kicking field goals.