Will LCD Technology Inspire the Television World?

The surveys show that the television viewers are spending less on the plasma screen and there is a substantial increase in the number of LCD buyers owing to the variety in size and configuration. The statistics state that the users are choosing the LCD because of the remarkable result of image and sound clarity. An average consumer also does his homework well before he gets into the market and invests. Although there are the ones who are loyal to their plasma screen TV and would love to watch sports and films on the plasma only but LCD is an option which is affordable and is preferred by many.

The LCD screen comes with its own pros and cons and the intelligent buyer would know what suits his requirement. As per the experts’ opinion, the LCD screen is less energy consuming hence safe and low on environment harm. The plasma screen uses more amount of energy and the consumer who is aware of the energy and environment issue will change the TV set and get an LCD. The LCD screen is compatible with altitude change and easily understood by the average buyer are its other features like brightness and contrast in images makes it popular than the Plasma television But there are several other factors also that will help the consumer decide on buying a LCD.

Great and vibrant picture quality is the most attractive feature of LCD screen. In terms of brightness and sharpness of picture, LCD is a better option. Also the quality of the sound is better in an LCD than a plasma screen. Unlike plasmas, with LCD screens the glare problem will not be an issue. So you can watch television during the day without drawing the curtains and closing blinds. The colour accuracy factor won’t be much of a bother as the type of room or area where television is going to be placed despite its not so good colour accuracy. Lighter in weight and thinner than plasma screens, the LCD will not take too much space; therefore giving a neat look to the room.

In today’s age and time when computer and internet has now been an indispensable part of our lives, LCD is a great choice owing to its feature of PC connectivity. Whenever you want TCL Mini LED TV to plug in your PC or laptop to enjoy the monitor larger in size, LCD is just the choice. LCD TVs are quite similar to the Plasma TV but only the appearance. As far as the energy efficiency is concerned, the LCD screen generate less heat as compared to the Plasma so the consumers who are concerned about the environment they breathe in will only opt for LCD or liquid crystal display. With the sharpness of picture, the LCD is also free of burn in problem which is found in Plasma TV. The image appears ‘Burned in’ when the still image sits on your screen for too long, it will become blur.

With the new LCD technology becoming more popular and reliable, the big names in business are giving preference to LCD TV than Plasma. Screen life of the LCD TV is over 60,000 hours. The portability factor cannot be ignored because thinner and lighter LCD technology televisions are wall mountable. To view the LCD screen from different angles without moving the unit, you will find LCD has a better range to offer than plasma. With its viewing angle limitation and despite a few other demerits like motion resolution, colour accuracy and contrast ratios LCD is catching up with the consumers and with improving technology it is sure to surpass other technologies available in the market today.